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  • Welcome to my site! It is a fact that the first thing a visitor wants to know is what the site is about and how it will benefit you. Well, this site was created to simplify daily access to the internet and all the projects I am working on, such as building websites, checking the weather, searching, research and activities on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other. You may also use the site for that purpose and ontributions of any kind, as well as feedback and rating of the site are always welcome! In fact, I arranged the site's content in such a way that it should enhance user experience as far as possible. Navigation can be done from the top menu without scrolling down and upwards. So please enjoy!
    About me!
    My internet experience stretches over a period of more than 25 years, mainly in the building and maintenance of websites, web forms and utilities, writing, translation and non-profit distribution of ebooks and articles on success, self-development and internet usage. Apllications successfully tested customised and implemented include: cPanel, Softaculous, FTP, WHM, WHMCS, PHPlist, Wordpress, Cubecart and Arachnophillia.
    Piet Venter
    Paarl valley
    Western Cape,
    South Africa
    (near Table Mountain World heritage site.)
    Photos on right supplied by: wikimedia.org:
    Top-right: Peninsula Sandstone Fynbos - Table Mountain Cape Town
    Bottom-right: Cape Town from Table Mountain
    Peninsula Sandstone Fynbos - Table Mountain Cape Town 4 Cape Town Pano1
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