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Domain Registration / Transfer
Use the form below to register a domain if you do not have one yet or transfer one you already own if you want to use it for the website's address:


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A domain is an address used on the web in place of an IP address (which is a series of numbers) to identify a website's address on the internet. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) governs coordination of the links between IP addresses and domain names across the Internet. With this standardized coordination, internet visitors can use easier to remember and write domain names instead of IP addresses to find websites.
Add-on Domains
Add a separate domain within your main domain in your account. Add-on domains can be assigned email addresses, forwarders, and more the same way you do for your main domain on the account. They are fully functional and can be created from within your cPanel.
Parked Domains
The main purpose of a Parked domain is to have more than one web addresses for advertising purposes. Parked domains are additional domains which you host on your account.
Sub Domains
A sub domain is a file structure within the structure of your main domain. This is an easy way to create a specific web address for unique content areas of your site. For example, you could create a sub domain called "images" accessable through the URL Sub-domains are actually "sub-web sites" within your web site without the requirement of a uniquely registered domain name. Sub-domains are created in the website's cPanel. When the server creates the sub-domain it also creates an unique cgi-bin folder for that sub-domain to run it's own cgi scripts just as if it were a web site on it's own.
A subdirectory adds a new folder in your url address such as the "images"-folder in the url structure "". It provides a sub-structure for your website to organize and compartmentalize portions of the website. While the owner of the sub-domain gets control over the content of its website, it is not usually the case with sub-directories. Sub-directories are created to be under the control of the owner of the domain,s website and in fact forms an integral part of that website.
The Reality About Unlimited Domains and Sub Domains
The number of domains or sub-domains you own reduces your available disk space only and has in itself no affect on bandwidth or server load. It is only when those domains or sub-domains are actively used that bandwidth and server load are increased and starts to have affect on resources.The simplest way to curb overusage is to offer capped webspace – and allow unlimited domains or sub-domains, ftp accounts, databases, etc, as long as the total allocated disk space is not exceeded by the user.

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