Piet Venter
Searching on Pinterest
Pinterest is the most underrated search facility on the web! As a visual bookmarking tool that links back to the site it came from, it supplies an enormous source of information kept live by human beings and not machine robots.
Find whatever you are looking for from the pins of other people all over the globe and in much more detail, descriptive and updated as being the case with conventional search engines. Best part is that you can discover things while seaching! If you see something interesting in a Pin, your search can be extended in depts within that Pin.
Pinterest even allows you to filter your search results through categorized topics.
Every Pinner on Pinterest has a Home page that actually is a visual indexed collection of the Pinner's own categories or "Boards". These personal boards are per-topic collections of self created pins or pins from other pinners, boards and topics found on Pinterest's own search facility, or even everything one can found on the internet.
The links above are to some of my more favourite boards. The complete set is Here and your visit is always welcome!

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